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where can I get dahlias?

Dahlias can be purchased as plants or as tubers. You can also get new plants, even new varieties, from your existing plants.

Buying Plants

Tubers and plants can be purchased from the Society at its sales and auctions.

  • Member sales and auctions at the September, October and November meetings.
  • A public tuber auction in November.

  • Plant sales at the State Show in February.

  • Online sales were introduced during Covid lockdowns and are being considered for the future.

Dahlias can be purchased at garden centres and from mail order nurseries. These are usually border and bedding varieties for the garden. Some larger varieties for the cutting garden are also popular.

Buy unusual and show varieties from Society sales and auctions and from specialist breeders and growers - experienced members can guide you to these.

Propagating Plants

The easiest way to increase the stock of your favourite dahlias is by dividing tubers when the plant is dormant.

You can also clone your favourites by taking cuttings. Many growers prefer to take cuttings as plants propagated this way usually do not degenerate over the years as quickly as those propagated by division. 

You can also collect seed from your plants to produce new varieties. Dahlias hybridise readily so the plants you get from seed will almost never be the same as the plant you collected it from.

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