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In the Dahlia Patch

23 Aug 2021 6:02 PM | Anonymous

Now is the time to do some garden maintenance:

  • Weed along garden walls and retaining fences
  • Weed the aisles around the through your dahlia patch
  • Sharpen pruning shears and garden scissors
  • Tidy up pots
  • Clean up hiding places for slugs, snails and earwigs - timber piles, under bricks, along wood fences and patches of heavy grass
  • Stock up on fertilizers, potting mixes, mulch, compost including liquid compost and soil conditioners.
  • Stock up on environmentally safe sprays and powders for dealing with damaging insects and fungal infections.
  • If your garden is susceptible to infestations of red spider mite consider spraying nearby fences and stakes with a miticide (not an insecticide).

Now is also the time to check tubers in winter storage:
  • Tubers in a storage medium need to be kept damp to avoid rot from wet or shrivelling from drying out.
  • Remove tubers showing signs of rot and spray the medium with a little water on signs of drying out.
  • It is common to store tubers over winter in polystyrene boxes, often stacked on top of each other. Check those bottom boxes to make sure that strong shoots in a ‘downstairs box’ are not being bent over by the ceiling above.

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