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CropBioLife Offer

10 Nov 2023 9:42 AM | Anonymous

CropBioLife Special Offer

DSV Members Only
You are invited to submit an Expression of Interest in taking up a CropBioLife special offer that has been negotiated by the DSV.


At our March 2023 members meeting soil microbiologist Dr Mary Cole spoke on the benefits of dramatically improving poor soils by using chemical free composting and natural mineral elements.

During her talk she referred to an Australian invented natural fertilizer called CropBiolife which provided outstanding increases in farm crop yields when applied to previously unproductive land.

An Internet search on the use of CropBiolife indicates it is being used extensively by food producers worldwide with outstanding success.

At the conclusion of Dr Cole’s talk there was much discussion on whether this product would significantly benefit the growing of dahlia plants and production of better blooms and how can it be obtained.

About CropBioLife

An investigation undertaken by DSV has found that CropBiolife is:

  • manufactured in Australia by Aussan Laboratories and supplied to agricultural industries worldwide.
  • currently sold in bulk 5 litre ($500), 10 litre ($1000) and 20litre ($2000) containers and can only be purchased from Aussan Laboratories.
  • a concentrated liquid with a dilution rate of 2ml to 10litres of water.
  • applied three times during the growing season via folia spray or soil drench.

There is evidence that CropBiolife significantly reduces pest attack and disease by increasing the health of the plant.

See also: What is CropBioLife?

The Carbon Garden

To cater for home gardeners Aussan Laboratories have established an online garden club called The Carbon Garden. Initial membership costs $200 and includes a “Starter Kit” containing;

  • a 100 ml dropper bottle of CropBiolife.
  • 2 bottles of specialist mixes of plant tonic and plant food.
  • various garden tools.
  • Gardening work bag.
  • There is an annual membership fee of $100 after the first year.

The Offer

In response to an approach from the DSV, the management of Aussan Laboratories have made the following offer:

  • allow DSV members to become The Carbon Garden members at no charge and not requiring them to purchase the starter kit.
  • the yearly membership renewal fee of $100 would be waivered for DSV members.
  • DSV members who join The Carbon Garden can then purchase CropBioLife in 100ml dropper bottles for $45 plus a shipping fee of around $10.
  • DSV members who sign up as Carbon Garden members can also:
  • purchase all the products sold on the website without any obligation to buy any,
  • post and share information on the community page and put questions to a horticulturist who responds to question from the community,
  • access all the Carbon Garden articles and extra resources.

If the offer is taken up, Aussan Laboratories will promote the DSV as partner on their website and via their communications.

The offer from Aussan Laboratories is dependent on sufficient interest by DSV members in taking it up.

Committee View

The DSV committee considers that the Aussan Laboratories proposal for DSV members to join the online Carbon Garden club is a great opportunity to acquire access to a demonstratively effective growing supplement for better growing results for not only your dahlias but for the whole garden.

Expression of Interest

If you as a DSV member would like to become a free member of the online Carbon Garden club to obtain access to buying CropBiolife, please register your interest by email to Bill Johnson:

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